Getting your devices smart-connected will never be this easy

Cavli Hubble, Cavli’s enterprise-ready IoT connectivity management cloud platform, lets your device get connected to the cloud to enable a wide range of applications across all major network technologies like NB IoT, LTE-M, EGPRS, LTE -CAT 1, CAT 4, 3G

Cavli Hubble ensures that IoT product makers get to completely utilize the advent of innovative connectivity technologies like LPWAN and reduced sensor costs, to build robust yet affordable smart control systems.

Global Access. Local Network

Cavli Hubble’s remote provisioning system ensures that any IoT product maker or enterprise in any industry can easily build, connect, and scale their IoT solutions to any geography in the world in the most secure and seamless manner. This is made possible by Cavli’s robust partner network of telecom operators around the world.

* Number of Local networks

A million use cases. The entire globe. One Cavli Hubble

Cavli Wireless is on a pursuit to continually add preferred network partners to ensure a seamless connectivity experience for our customers. Please access the global network coverage data below.

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Key features

All-in-one Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) for the Internet of Things

Device Orchestration and Monitoring

Enables quick and easy onboarding of devices. Create a custom data plan and connect to a local network.

Local IoT network coverage

Capability to deploy projects globally through our worldwide local data partnerships. Now enjoy hassle-free local LTE/LPWAN connectivity.

Firmware Over-the-air (Fota)

Secure onboarding, provisioning, over-the-air updates and life-cycle management with the best-in-class security.

Hubble Stack Intelligence

Independent decision making with Cavli's Hubble Stack Intelligence, which reduces device downtime and manual interventions.


GSMA SGP.02 version 3.2 SAS certified remote subscription management platform ensures secure Onboarding & provisioning.

IoT Billing

Device life cycle billing management capability from the time of subscription to deactivation.

Data Monitoring

Monitor consumption across devices deployed worldwide with user alert when eSIM reaches usage limits.

Web Service API

HTTP-based restful APIs for integrating device management services to external system.

Build, Connect, Launch, Scale in under 3 months

Cavli Hubble CaaS Cloud makes IoT module & eSIM management seamless with the help of the proprietary Hubble Stack intelligence that resides on the module. Hubble Stack tightly integrates Cavli’s edge hardware, eSIM solution & connectivity cloud, ensuring the most complete go-to-market connectivity suite required to operate & perform at any scale.

Cellular IoT Edge compute modules
IoT Edge Solutions>

P-Series modules

P-Series smart modules are connected computing modules that will enable IoT companies to mitigate the existing entry barriers to large scale deployment, and seamlessly carry out product development to global scale-up. The P-Series modules are integrated with eSIMs, thereby empowering users to manage both connectivity and compute module functionalities.

Cellular IoT

C-Series modules

C-Series smart modules are connectivity modules integrated with eSIM, pre-loaded with global LTE/LPWAN connectivity subscriptions. We provide a wide range of options in terms of footprint, power consumption and network capabilities, which makes Cavli Smart Modules an apt choice for any application.

C-seriesCellular IoT module
IoT eSIM with global coverage
IoT eSIM solutons

Hubble SIM Solutions

Hubble SIM is Cavli's commercial-grade UICC SIM card and eUICC chip for global IoT connectivity. Cavli's global partnerships with telecom operators around the world ensure that the Hubble SIM offers local IoT connectivity where ever you deploy your solution. Hubble SIMs are available for sampling/testing during the product prototyping stage.

2g ioT connectivity
LTE ioT connectivity
LTEM ioT connectivity
NB ioT connectivity
3G ioT connectivity
GG ioT connectivity


Cavli’s suite of solutions are tailored to address the most pressing challenges of today’s businesses

Energy & Utilities
Energy & Utilities

Make better decisions about energy distribution, utilization, and management with smart energy solutions

Automotives & Logistics
Automotives & Logistics

Optimise vehicular operations such as fleet management, asset tracking, and driver behaviour monitoring & analysis

ioT application: Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Real-time decision making and enhanced efficiency with effective integration of systems, processes and equipments

ioT application: Agriculture

Real-time information of pumps, heavy machinery, irrigation channels, and livestock at your farms

ioT application: Healthcare

Connected medical devices and remote patient monitoring ensure medical practitioners and patients to benefit from real time data management.

ioT application: Smart Buildings
Smart Buildings

Efficiently manage energy utilities such as water, gas, and electricity with smart connected buildings

ioT application: Retail

Improve customer experience and gain insights of the latest trends while keeping costs at bay with IoT enabled retail solutions

ioT application: Security & Surveillance
Security & Surveillance

IoT-enabled security monitoring systems ensure the safety and security of homes, cities, and businesses with real-time surveillance

Cellular IoT will never be the Same

Introducing Word's first IoT hardware platfrom -Hubble 99

What is Hubble99?

Hubble99 is the first time ever an IoT product maker will never need to worry about cost of IoT hardware. Industry grade connectivity pre-loaded Smart Modules for $0 by onboarding on Hubble99 powered by Cavli Hubble

Powered by Word's first IoT Connectivity as a solution platform

Cellular IoT module by Cavli Wireless
hubble 99 logo

IoT finally enters the true
subscription economy age

First IoT plan on the planet to bundle Smart modules at zero additional cost.

savings in IoT implimentation
Up to 50%

Savings in year 1

savings in IoT
Up to 30%

Savings in 3 years

savings in IoT connectivity cost

Cost on Connectivity hardware

Calculate savings for your next IoT deployment

Check how much you can save on your next IoT project with the Hubble99.

savings in IoT Negate initial connectivity hardware expense

savings in IoT Lifetime warranty on IoT modules

savings in IoT 24/7 Account management support

savings in IoT Global LPWAN/LTE coverage

savings in IoT Zero network downtime

savings in IoT Up to 50% savings in first year

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Network Technology

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Region of Deployment


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Hubble?
We’ve got answers

Evaluation kits (EVK) come with eSIMs, which will connect to a roaming or local network based on the region from which it will be tested.

The Cavli Hubble SIM is capable of connecting to all of our partner networks and is permitted to access over 60 networks across 180 different countries. The carrier selection is made by the user while setting up their own custom data plan. On our global coverage packages, however, the Cavli Hubble SIM establishes a connection to the bootstrap profile on the carrier zone of use.

Once the number of devices purchased under the account exceeds 25, an "Organization" tab will be added by the system to the user's profile page. The user has to enter the organizations' details in the tab, and once the change has been made, the Personal account will be upgraded to an Organizational account.

Team members cannot be added to a Personal account. However when the purchases linked to the account exceed 25 units, the account gets converted to an Organization and the admin of an organization may add up to 5 members to the account. Under the "Organization" tab, you will find an option to add new members via email invite.

If you already have an account, make sure that you are logged in first at Then, add the products you wish to purchase from to the card by the "add to cart" option. Once you have all the products you want to purchase in your cart, select the appropriate delivery method displayed on the checkout page.

Yes, we do provide worldwide shipping. Time taken for the delivery depends on the delivery location and how close the destination is from our fulfillment centers.

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Experience Cavli Hubble

Cavli Hubble from Cavli Wireless is our proprietary connectivity as a Service (CaaS) cloud platform for global cellular data subscription management, module & modem management, enabling businesses and industries to build and deploy easily scalable global wireless IoT connected devices with ease. Our cloud platform also enables over-the-air firmware updates that quickly sends new features to remote devices with the click of a button.

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