Device & Modem management


In order to create your Hubble account, access the domain, and click the "Get Started" in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Do keep in mind that in order to use the Hubble Console, you will need to make a purchase on the Hubble Store, so that you can register your EVK/product.

No, guest checkouts are not allowed in the Hubble Store.

Once the number of devices purchased under the account exceeds 25, an 'Organization' tab will be added by the system to the user's profile page. The user has to enter the organizations' details in the tab, and once the change has been made, the Personal account will be upgraded to an Organizational account.

Team members cannot be added to a Personal account. However when the purchases linked to the account exceed 25 units, the account gets converted to an Organization and the admin of an organization may add up to 5 members to the account. Under the 'Organization' tab, you will find an option to add new members via email invite.

Once a user is registered, there is a Knowledge base which you can access. Apart from that a ticketing system will let you submit a ticket to our support team at or our sales team will also be available to assist you at

IoT connectivity

SIM solutions

Our integrated eSIM can support from 6 to 8 profiles.

Evaluation kits (EVK) come with eSIMs, which will connect to a roaming or local network based on the region from which it will be tested.

If the network is one among Cavli’s preferred telecom operator partners, it will be a straightforward SIM profile swap operation. If the network is not yet a partner listed on Cavli Hubble, the user can request the Hubble operations team for the update.

Cavli Modules come in eSIM integrated as well non eSIM variants. The latter can be used along with other IoT SIMs in the market, however the rich, robust features of Cavli’s enterprise grade IoT connectivity - device cloud - Cavli Hubble are available to users who use the eSIM integrated smart modules from Cavli.

The Cavli Hubble SIM is capable of connecting to all of our partner networks and is permitted to access over 60 networks across 180 different countries. The carrier selection is made by the user while setting up their own custom data plan. On our global coverage packages, however, the Cavli Hubble SIM establishes a connection to the bootstrap profile on the carrier zone of use.

The Cavli Hubble SIMs can be organized into groups, even if only a single device is in use. These groups can be named for easier identification and categorization. Further management such as keeping track of data usage, choosing data plans can be kept track of and controlled from the devices and data sections respectively on your profile.

Orders, Payments & Shipping Related

If you already have an account, make sure that you are logged in first at . Then, add the products you wish to purchase from to the card by the 'add to cart' option. Once you have all the products you want to purchase in your cart, select the appropriate delivery method displayed on the checkout page.

Unfortunately, we do not have shipping to P.O boxes yet. But you are welcome to use your personal or office address for your orders.

Customs, duties, and taxes for shipment within countries where we have our warehouses, are exempted and need not be paid. Whereas delivery to locations other than our access limit, the above said charges are applicable, and failure to pay the fees will result in the shipment being canceled and returned to us, and the amount will be refunded only after deducting expenses incurred during the whole transaction. Customers can contact our support team at for any assistance required during customs clearance procedures.

We ship our products globally through DHL and FedEx. If the customer has any preferences for any other carrier than those mentioned above, he/she can communicate the same to our sales support team at

The tracking numbers will be available in the order section of your Hubble account within 2 to 3 business days, and in case of any additional delays, the same will be intimated through email at

The orders will be shipped from our warehouses within two-three business days, subject to stock availability.

Yes, we do provide worldwide shipping. Time taken for the delivery depends on the delivery location and how close the destination is from our fulfillment centers.

Once you have placed an order and you need to change or modify it, you can do it if the shipment has not been initiated. For more assistance, feel free to contact us through

Customers can track whether the shipment has been initiated, on the Orders section on the hubble platform.

You can place an order with different shipping and billing addresses by directly making edits in your profile page after logging in with your credentials, or it can be changed when you checkout from the store. The option to choose the same shipping address as the billing address is also available.

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express Credit/Debit cards. Any queries regarding the same can be addressed at

An invoice is automatically generated and sent to your registered mail after each successful order. If you don’t receive the invoice, please ensure to check the spam folder in your mail. You can also download the same from the 'Transactions' tab within your Hubble profile page. In case of any queries related to invoicing & payments, please contact for assistance.

To track your shipment, refer to the shipping mail sent from You may find the order details along with the shipping number in the orders section in your profile at as well.

We provide the basic warranty of 1 year for any hardware product.

We provide evaluation kits for all our modules and devices. You can purchase them from the hubble store. Contact us at for inquiries regarding the same.

The main dashboard on the console gives overall insights regarding data usage for all devices. To track usage of individual devices, go to the devices section on your dashboard which lists the individual data usage of all the listed devices.

Our system will suspend the connectivity only if the payment process fails continuously for 3 three in the first week of the billing month. To reactivate your SIM, please contact our technical support at

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