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IoT network coverage data

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Hubble SIM solutions

IoT connectivity facilitated through best-in-class technology

Hubble SIM card

Hubble SIM is Cavli's commercial-grade UICC/ eUICC card that is made available for sampling/prototyping purposes. It is available as part of Cavli’s cellular IoT starter kit

Hubble Embedded SIM

Hubble eSIMs are engineered to be secure and compatible and available on DFN-6 and DFN-8 form-factors.Hubble eSIMs are available in both commercial & industrial variants

Hubble eSIM inside module

Cavli Smart Modules are integrated with eSIMs of MFF2 and WLCSP FF. Global OEMs building IoT products with Cavli modules can easily launch their products to any geography aided by our local LPWAN connectivity partnerships.

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