What does it take to get the next 10 billion IoT devices ‘Smart’ Connected ?

To unlock the real potential of IoT and to get a billion devices connected, the current fragmented eco-system needs to be re-engineered, consolidated & thus re-imagined from start to end.


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IoT Modules
IoT Connectivity
Management Platform

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The building blocks of IoT - the Edge Hardware, Embedded Software, Global Network Connectivity and IoT Protocols, all bundled for an irresistible proposal of $0.99/Device/Month.


World's first IoT Connectivity as a Service solution which bundles IoT hardware at zero cost


Hubble99 is the first of its kind IoT hardware bundle that completely negates the cost of IoT hardware. It comes with the edge connectivity hardware, network connectivity, and Connectivity & Device Management platform all together at a very cost-effective price point to accelerate global IoT adoption.

NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE CAT 1, 2G, and GPS/GNSS compatible smart cellular modules that can get connected to IoT networks around the globe by virtue of the integrated Hubble eSIM feature.

Enjoy lifetime warranty on the smart modules as long as the data plan is active on the device.

Highlights of Hubble99

Global LTE/LPWAN Connectivity

Experience global connectivity and extended coverage with Cavli's commercial-grade eUICC chip

Subscription management

Manage data consumption, recharge additional data, and control all aspects of the user's data subscription plan

Modem Management

Allows users to configure and set-up the different services and interfaces used for communication from their IoT devices

Hubble Stack Intelligence

Independent decision making with Cavli Hubble Stack Intelligence which reduces device downtime and manual intervention

Remote Diagnostics

Cavli Hubble allows users to remotely diagnose and debug issues with the system or provide updates

MQTT Broker service

Lightweight MQTT broker service for its clients to send messages or data with a subscribe/publish model

Open API

Open API standards to quickly and effortlessly integrate Hubble API into the user applications with ease

Account Management

Dedicated account managers to handle customer onboarding and lifecycle management

150+Countries. 60+ Networks

Cavli Hubble facilitates local IoT connectivity by being directly partnered with telecom operators spread across countries

24/7 dedicated Customer support & Application support

A steadfast technical support team will guide you through queries related to modules, eSIMs, and platform

What makes Hubble99 unique?

Hubble99 is the first time ever an IoT product maker will never have to worry about the cost of IoT hardware. Get industry-grade IoT modules pre-loaded with global connectivity by onboarding Hubble99 powered by Cavli Hubble.

Connectivity Inside Silicon

Cavli's eSIM integrated cellular IoT modules are Smart vehicles that can make intelligent decisions on its own.

Module and Modem Management

Attain complete remote access for firmware and application management with Cavli Hubble’s powerful module and modem management feature.

Lifetime Warranty

Users can enjoy a lifetime warranty on their IoT modules as long as the Hubble99 plan is active.

Full suite IoT prototyping Platform

Get an enterprise ready version of your IoT product in 3 months’ time with our full suite of solutions that include smart IoT modules , device & connectivity management and seamless access to global IoT networks.

Traditional Way Vs. Hubble99

We’ve identified several reasons why Hubble99 outweighs traditional methods of IoT deployment. Here is why Hubble99 stands out.


Traditional Way


Connectivity enablement Relies on multiple vendors End-to-end solution for global deployment
IoT data billing Manage several operator invoices One centralized invoice
SIM management Higher connectivity loss rate due to SIM displacement Robust 'Connectivity inside Silicon' with integrated eSIM
Connectivity uptime At the risk of connectivity interruptions Assured global connectivity
Hardware cost Additional charges for module and connectivity platform No separate charges. Pay only for the hubble99 subscription
FOTA capability Manual firmware-software installation OTA updates + smooth firmware-software installation
Warranty No lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty on IoT modules
Maintenance Frequent maintenance required Deploy & forget model
Troubleshooting Manual troubleshooting Remote diagnostics troubleshooting
Lead time Longer lead time Mass deployment in under 3 months
CAPEX requirement Higher Considerably lower

Calculate savings for your next IoT deployment

Cavli Wireless is on a mission to make IoT connectivity seamless, secure, scalable and now cost effective. Hubble99 is set to empower IoT product makers to do more with less. Now considerably bring down the total cost of ownership with the Cavli IoT product suite.

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year 1

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Savings in
3 years


Cost on connectivity hardware

Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from U.S Dollars.

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Network Technology

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Region of Deployment

Get started with Hubble99

Choose your IoT module

Choose Cavli’s eSIM integrated IoT module

Engineer your solution

Integrate the module to your IoT device

Activate Hubble99

Choose your LTE/LPWAN network and activate Hubble99

Get connected

Switch On & get connected

Are you building an IoT Product? Do you need to hit Go-to-market at the soonest possible date?

Now achieve Prototyping to Sampling to Mass Production in under 3 months. Record turnaround time with Cavli product suite taking care of your IoT connectivity enablement.

Cavli Smart Modules included in Hubble99

Smart IoT Modules

Cavli IoT modules are designed with a vision to make IoT product development easier, quicker and scalable. Our portfolio of industrial-grade cellular IoT modules with connectivity and EDGE computing capabilities are integrated with eSIM and preloaded with global connectivity. Now, managing your devices’ connectivity requirements from any part of the globe is easier than before with Cavli's connectivity & modem management platform - Cavli Hubble. The Hubble Stack intelligence that resides in the Cavli IoT modules gives users absolute remote command of their devices, and thereby, facilitates hassle-free data subscription, deactivation and troubleshooting capabilities.

CAT 1 2G
CAT 4 3G 2G
What is Hubble99?

Hubble99 is the most ambitious IoT hardware bundle that has been launched globally. For an irresistible package price of $0.99/month/device, IoT solution players get the eSIM integrated connectivity hardware of their choice of technology, pre-loaded global IoT data pack, and a robust Connectivity-Device management cloud platform, all together as one single package. All Cavli smart modules offered as part of Hubble99, come with a lifetime warranty, thereby taking away any apprehensions regarding how a net-zero priced module will take care of your connectivity needs.

What is the minimum contract duration for the service?

The Hubble99 service has a minimum contract period of 3 years and an upfront annual payment commitment for one year.

Can we opt out of Hubble99 after the three year contract period?

Yes, the renewal of Hubble99 is optional after the three years contract period.

What is the billing and renewal cycle for the service?

All billings are done annually. Renewal cycle occurs before the 10th day of the 12th month from the beginning of the contract period.

Do you provide a warranty for the devices under this service?

All devices included in Hubble99 carries a lifetime warranty as long as the IMEI of the device is tied to an active data plan.

Can I change the network profiles for the devices in the Hubble99 IoT plan?

Devices on-boarded into Hubble99 will ride on Cavli's preferred local telecom partner in that country. As of yet, we do not offer carrier switching on this plan.

What are the module technologies included in the plan?

Cavli's edge modules support network technologies such as NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE CAT-1, CAT 4, 2G with GPS/GNSS support.

Experience Cavli Hubble.
Experience seamless IoT.

Cavli Hubble from Cavli Wireless is our proprietary connectivity as a Service (Caas) cloud platform for global cellular data subscription management, module & modem management, enabling businesses and industries to build and deploy easily scalable wireless IoT connected devices with ease. Our cloud platform also enables over-the-air firmware updates that quickly sends new features to remote devices with the click of a button.

* Number of Local networks

A million use cases. The entire globe. One Cavli Hubble

Cavli Wireless is on a pursuit to continually add preferred network partners to ensure a seamless connectivity experience for our customers. Please access our network partner list below.

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